After working as a lawyer for over 12 years, I realised one bright sunny day that I got the most pleasure from my work when I delivered honest, sensible, and practical advice that actually helped to solve the real life legal issues of my family, friends, and random strangers.

So I started writing a few little pieces on the way the law works (and doesn't work) in the real world, covering topics I was never taught in law school but that each of us face on a daily basis. Before I knew it (OK, three and a bit years later) I had written a book about how anyone can use the law to improve their and their family's lives, without taking advantage of others in the process. 

Taking advantage of others is not cool. Buying a book from a struggling first time author is very cool.

The book is not very long and I think it is reasonably priced. It most definitely does NOT give legal advice, but DOES give you a better understanding of how the law affects you, your family, and your pets through the use of occasional sexual connotations and frequent coarse language. I hope you like it. I really liked writing it. 

Oh, I almost forgot. The book is called The Following Does Not Constitute Legal Advice. My mum called it 'a good attempt' and has promised me she will think about buying a copy. 

And yes, I did create this website myself. I wanted to set your expectations low from the outset. Very, very low.

You certainly have a unique writing style and have found creative and educational uses for coarse language. A LOT of coarse language.” - Justin’s editor